Sandisk SD Card Ultra/Extreme/Extreme Pro for RX100?

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Re: Sandisk SD Card Ultra/Extreme/Extreme Pro for RX100?

dodgyexposure wrote:

Pardon my ignorance, but is the speed rating for upload or download, or both?

Is speed the only difference between the Ultra, Extreme and ExtremePro?

And, while I'm at it, what does the class refer to?  I can only see class 4 and class 10 (i.e. nothing in between), so it doesn't appear (to me) to be a signifier of incremental performance.

Sorry for jumping on the thread to satisfy my curiosity . . .

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Speed rating depends on the card.  Some cards are stating the read, while others are stating write.

For example, the Ultra series promotes a "read" speed of 30Mb/s :

...while the Extreme and Extreme Pro series promote the "write" speed specifically:

These speed ratings really come into play with traditional single and continuous shot photography.

The class ratings are more important for video, as they represent the minimum sustained write speed when you are piping a steady stream of video data. Class 10 = 10 Mbs, Class 6 = 6 Mbs, etc. In general, I always recommend Calais 10 or faster (uhs) if you plan to record video.

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