Question about the Wide-Angle adapter and lens filter

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Re: Question about the Wide-Angle adapter and lens filter

Dfc1015 wrote:


I think I know the answer (no) -- but will ask anyway....

I have a B&W UV filter on the x100 to protect the glass  -- and just ordered the WCL-x100 today.

Is it reasonable to leave the filter on the 23mm lens and screw the adapter on over?

I envision myself using the adapter on/off frequently based on my needs - but won't want to keep messing with the filter (and I'm more concerned about the attached lens then the adapter)


I can't see anyway such an idea would work.  The adapter has a rear element that comes real close to the external glass of the X100.  You risk an awful lot just to avoid removing a filter.  I am sure that the working distance of the adapter would be messed up with the filter and filter holder attached to the camera.   A poor idea all around.

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