Envious of Lance Armstrong

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Re: 26 to one....

Twylwyf wrote:

Wyville wrote:

Twylwyf wrote:

How does the USADA justify letting 11 dopers off the hook to get one?  They were even allowed to ride in this year's Tour! That organization must have threatened the 11 riders massively to get them to turn on Lance.  Somebody has it in for Armstrong in a big way.

Nobody was let off the hook, and Armstrong was offered the same deal! This isn't just about Armstrong, .......

I believe you are wrong in that assessment.  I doubt Armstrong was offered the same deal - everybody just piled up on him.  He was the focus because he won all those Tours.


Read the official documents and see how the other doped riders have received bans, be it shorter six months bans, in return for their testimony. Those same documents state very clearly Armstrong was offered the same deal, but refused.

He wasn't the focus because he won all those tours, he was the focus because, as you can read in minute detail, he ran the most sophisticated dope network in the history of sports, and pressured other riders into using dope. This is simply "Festina" taken to a whole new level. The consequences go far beyond Armstrong, as current teams such as the Dutch Rabobank now find themselves with one of their former lead riders confessing to dope use within the period he rode for them. The Dutch anti-doping authority can now, based on this evidence, start investigations into the team doctor of Rabobank. This investigation is so important for the sport as a whole.

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