My new 15mm f8. Cheap...but disappointing.

Started Oct 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Too harsh!

In my opininon, anyway. Given you description, I was expecting some horrible images, but go figure, I actually like the images you posted
Performance obviously isn't that good. As you mentioned, it's listed as an accessory. Heck, I was expecting horrible performance once I saw oly didn't even want to put the Zuiko name on it.
But this lens isn't about that. It's about cheap usefulness, and, well, character. It definitely has character, and I like that. Actually, in all the samples I've seen, I've really liked the color that it seems to be producing. It has a soft, filmy look with pleasant vignetting. For web prints, sharpness seems more than fine. Hope you can acclimate to it!

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