Serious question to do with Quality of Nikon and Canon

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Re: Serious question to do with Quality of Nikon and Canon

Parts 1- 4:  No way  to tell the difference.  Just too close.

Part 5: Nikon has very slight edge in their pro cameras down to D600.  In the past, Canon had a slight edge.  This is mostly because of the great job Sony has done with the design of their sensors (with some input from Nikon).

This could go back the other way and then flip again by the time you buy a $2000-3000 full frame camera.

Historically, Canon tends to lead a little earlier with new technology starting with the EOS system and all electronic lenses.  Nikon is a probably a bit more conservative in their approach.  Maybe this is because they are smaller than Canon.

I use Nikon and look forward to eventually upgrading my D700 to D800 but am in no hurry.  Overall, have been very happy but that is not really going to help you.

Since you are so uncertain I would go with Canon.  Canon has a larger market share and so would be a little easier to sell your equipment if you decide later to change to Nikon.  Of course, that strategy only works one time.

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