Nex 6: sufficient quality to trump any need for the RX-1?

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Re: Nex 6: sufficient quality to trump any need for the RX-1?

Joes Raw Talk wrote:

Presuming the same image quality of the 5n, I am pressed to say I would spend $2,799 for the RX-1, for almost whatever image quality edge that it may have. Perhaps I can be swayed towards the RX-1 if/when the image metrics are known and fair comparisons possible between the two show readily a gap in quality. I admit that I have a bit of skepticism. That's not to say that RX-1 will have better IQ, but that it is SO much better than the 6 that I want or need it.

What makes me think this is looking at the sample shots that are now rolling out with the RX-1 and Nex 6. I look at them and think; unless I had some substantive reason to do so, the Nex-6 accomplishes near all I need, save for a really shallow depth of field if that's your thing.


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To those who opted to vote 'thumbs down', what, I didn't write it in a simpleton fashion so you could get your limited intellect to comprehend what I was saying?

I have really, no, Really come to hate DPR forums. I am done with forum participation until they dump the idiot icon that appeals to approximately 1/3 of the users here.

You can end this string or expend some effort providing some smarta** retort but it will fall on deaf ears because I'm moving on.

Enjoy this virtual playpen filled with toddler minds.

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