Zeiss ZF .2 lenses and setting the aperture (D600)

Started Oct 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Harry Lime Regular Member • Posts: 264
Re: Zeiss ZF .2 lenses and setting the aperture (D600)

OK, I just went though the manual again and found the submenu where I can switch control of the aperture from the command dial to the lens and that solved my problem.

I now have a new question regarding G-series lenses. Unfortunately I do not own one to test this.

As the camera is now set up with aperture control on the lens, what happens if I mount a G-series lens, which obviously does not have an aperture ring?

Is the D600 smart enough to figure this out on it's own and automatically reassign aperture control to the command dial, or will it error out and I will need to switch the aperture control back from the lens to the body?


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