5D + 40mm 2.8 instead of the Sony RX1

Started Oct 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: 5D + 40mm 2.8 instead of the Sony RX1

I am delighted with the images from and handling of my 5D, bought in 2005, fitted with the new EF 40mm lens. The lens is a superb performer and makes the 5D seem so much less bulky and heavy. The combination has reinvigorated my liking for the 5D, which I've ignored for a few years because I found the 5D and the EF 24-105 zoom lens heavy and bulky. I switched to a Ricoh GXR and its excellent prime lenses, a really fine system. The 5D and EF 40 make a fast, easy to use combination. Today I ordered a Canon 6D body because it's a smaller, lighter, and updated DSLR. I'll keep the 5D as a backup for a while after the 6D arrives. I expect that the 6D and the EF40 will please me so much more than the 5D and EF 40. Maybe the future for me isn't mirrorless after all.

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