My new 15mm f8. Cheap...but disappointing.

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Re: My new 15mm f8. Cheap...but disappointing.

Chris_in_Osaka wrote:

Picked up the new Oly body cap lens last night. Today is the official release date in Japan (one weak late).

The good:

It's cheap.

It's by far the best body cap I've ever had.

It's better than Holga M4/3 lenses in the same price range.

The bad:

It's now officially the worst lens I own. No wonder Olympus list it under "accessories" rather than "lenses".

I haven't been using it long, but from what I can tell, 70-80% of my images are garbage.

First and foremost is focus. One issue, at least in my copy, is the amount of looseness/play between the "infinity" and "distant" mark. Close up shooting? Forget it. I haven't been able to get anything in focus using my E-PL3 (I have yet to mount it on my OM-D).

Fringing and distortion are all over the place.

Then there is the f8 setting. I seem to be getting a lot of camera shake (this I admit is more my fault for not paying attention to the lighting and keeping in mind I'm stuck at f8).

Basically, I can't see myself ditching my 17mm f2.8 for this. There isn't THAT much size difference to make up for all the issues.

The only way I can see myself using this is, perhaps, when shooting with art filter, particularly the grainy black and white one.

Oh well, it's a cheap. And it's one heck of a body cap.

Anyway, here are a few of the very few that shots that show this lenses passable results.

When you look at these photos taken with this lens, what do you think ?

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