My new 15mm f8. Cheap...but disappointing.

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Re: Well, at least it's cheap...

Art_P wrote:

I couldn't justify it though, since I have the 14/2.5 which is not a whole lot bigger.

I also have the 14/2.5 and the 17/2.8. I ordered the 15/8 for fun. If the upcoming 17/1.8 is worth purchasing, I would replace the 14/2.5 and 17/2.8 with it. Then the 15 would make sense as a backup, attached to my GF3. One mean pocketable camera.

As a thought, is there room on the back for adding a dandelion chip?

There should be enough room for the Dandelion. It would be great to add it to the Samyang 7.5 also.

Not that it would help the IQ, but at least you'd get propper EXIF.


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