How to prevent iso to climb so fast on the EM5?

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Re: How to prevent iso to climb so fast on the EM5 ?

Detail Man wrote:

Am not sure what the point that you are making is. Could you explain what you mean further ?

My point is very simple, sorry if I haven't been clearer.

On my Canon S95, when shooting in Program, Av, Tv, I can set the Auto ISO range AND I can set the Auto ISO "Rate of Change".  For example, I can shoot in Program with an Auto ISO range of, say, 200-800.  If I select "Slow" for "Rate of Change", the camera will keep the ISO as low as possible for as long as possible, only upping the ISO when shutter speeds get very slow.  Conversely, I can set the
"Rate of Change" to "Fast", and the ISO will quickly increase as the light diminishes, keeping the shutter speed relatively fast.

To me, having such a "Rate of Change" setting was exactly what the OP was looking for, the ability to tell the camera to change the ISO within the Auto range either very slowly or very quickly, depending upon whether fast shutter speeds or low ISO were more important in that situation.

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