Cheap macro lens for Lumix G3?

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Re: Cheap macro lens for Lumix G3?

Bob Meyer wrote:

The adapter has to be specific to the mount of the lens you want to use. So if you buy a Nikon macro lens, you need a Nikon to m43 adapter. If you buy a Canon FD macro lens, you need a Canon FD to m43 adapter, etc.

You can spend a lot of money on an adapter, or a little. Some of the real cheap ones may be of poor quality. One inexpensive brand that I've had decent luck with is Rainbow, available from Amazon:

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I've stopped thinking in terms of "equivalent" focal lengths on m43. 25mm is what it is, and what it might be similar to on some other format doesn't matter to me any more. We need to learn what to expect from our current equipment, not keep mapping it to the old. No one refers to their 50mm FF lens as "equivalent to 80mm on MF."

Thanks! I saw them and I liked their reviews. I think i'm going to buy the G3 and a tripod, do some close ups and if I don't like the image i'll buy a Pentax adapter, since their lens are really cheap and are fully manual. I think I have learned more in 1 day on these forums than 3 weeks online, everyone in this forum has lots of knowledge and are very kind.

Thank you


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