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Re: ahh.. you live in irvine

skpman wrote:

I live up in downtown Los Angeles, you should take a day off and walk street level up there, there is NO shortage of interesting street photography and architecture to shoot from classic buildings like the Bradbury to the Walt Disney concert center, and some of the more rougher parts of downtown, it's incredibly fascinating.

Irvine is a nice place to live, but yeah its the burbs, hard to find really interesting subjects.

What kit do you use?  Camera + lens?

I use a GX1 with 4 lenses: 12-50mm Oly, 20mm f/1.7 Panny, 45mm f/1.8 Oly, Samyang 7.5mm fisheye.

that's a good idea! Maybe I'll get some friends that have cameras to go up to LA with me on a Saturday for lunch/pictures. I've heard of this french dip place that I've been dying to try...

That French dip place would be Phillipes, near Chinatown, yeah its pretty good and worth checking out.

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