From Canon 5D3 to Nikon D800/D600?

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Re: From Canon 5D3 to Nikon D800/D600?

caspianm wrote:

In the hi end hardly anyone buy a camera based on preset color but some do.

Color temp in publishing industry is 5000-5500 Kelvin and Nikon awb is right on. Yes it might not look as vivid as blue bias is eye catching to average guy, no offense intended.

Those tower shots are indicative of much better(natural) color balance from Nikon than Canon.

The ISOs`are 100 apart, the scene appears to me, taken early evening with a storm brewing, whos to say which cloud cover colour is correct.

The canon tower looks steely, nikon tower looks warmer.

In my humble opinion, the nikon pic looks like a storm could be brewing, where as the canon pic looks like the cloud cover is kinda back lit.

Of the two photos i believe it comes down to mood and personal taste, so for me i like the mood of the nikon photo.

Canon traditionally has slightly muted yellow but excess red and blue. In pp blue and red can be corrected but not yellow which remains underwhelming to my eyes.  Unless you are an experinced post processors canon preset color balance is actually less accurate in my book. I have owned a few canon's and still do.  Some like it canon's way though. That is fine but should be taken as superior color production.

The lens color argument is silly. While lenses have their own signature, I have never seen cast of yellow or blue to the extent those images (leaves) show. That is your white balance.  Canon has a few lenses that are nice that are missing in Nikon line up. If one needs those then Canon purchase is justified.

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