Never gonna be an interchangeable lens RX1.

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I wouldn't be too quick to conclude

DFPanno wrote:

Not happening.

That's not to say SONY won't make a FF MILC.  They will indeed and they may even throw an RX or NEX Prefix on it but it won't be anything like the RX1.

As such it won't replace the RX1 in any dimension but the RX1 will ultimately lose sales to it.

Carry on.

I tend to agree with you on this. However, I wouldn't be too quick to conclude that, that's that. For one, if RX1 proves to be successful, what is the next release? Would it be a 28mm f1.8? Then after that, would it be a 50mm f1.8? Even at U$2,000, people are going to say that Sony is definitely milking us by introducing bodies with fixed lens each year.

The body can still get small, but only so much. Maybe the RX2 or RX1 mk2 will finally have an EVF for the same size the RX1 now. That is a big step. The thing is, will the RX1 mk2 be the RX1 mk1 35mm f1.8 with just an EVF, maybe wi-fi, gps, and some other tweaks/bug fixes? That is one possibility.

Yes, we will likely see a NEX or some other form of 35FF MILC. But if the RX series is serious and intends to move on, it will have to be something else than just a fixed lens. And if the upcoming semi-pancake 16-50 E lens is any indicator of how Sony R&D manage to tame size, we should be able to see that there is still room for improvement in miniturizing lenses.

If the lenses can be made still smaller, what I see is an RX2 with a zoom. To keep the size small, the zoom range will have to be small. And the aperture cannot be f1.8 or f2.0. It will be f2.8 or even f3.5 if we want a straight and none-vary aperture. So, it can be a 35-70 f3.5 or f2.8-4.0 or something like that.  Then maybe on RX3, it can be 25-50 f3.5-4.5. Who knows maybe an EVF will be there too. Or at least an option to attach one.

In all this, the emphasis is to make it small or as small as possible. I have a Nikon 35-70 f3.5-4.5 series E and it can be small. Add AF and some other motors in there, it can just be a tad thicker. But if they apply their Sony E lens 16-50 smallish design to it, maybe we can make it workable and palatable to be accepted as a fixed lens zoom.

From a marketing standpoint, this makes sense. A fixed lens zoom makes more sense. Going to another 35mm f1.8 RX again, even with other bells and whistles tucked in there is not going to cut it. To attract buyers, you now have to lower price and/or add EVF in there. To lower price dramatically, they could just go G lens on the next release instead of CZ. The drop would be massive, maybe in the U$500 range at least. But then again, you will get all sort of discussions as to IQ being lower an d other fluff. Besides, what is the next RX3 going to be? Another 35 f1.8 again, but of a different take?

Again, from a marketing standpoint, something that will sway buyers more will be a fixed lens 35FF zoom. Even existing RX1 owners will consider it. But the key word is size. I think , it is possible to maintain a small form factor as the RX1 even with a zoom if Sony's R&D lens design is brought to bear on the RX series. If so, that already breaks part of your prediction. Otherwise, the RX1 will be the first and the last of the lot. Then maybe, indeed the RX1 will be a one shot camera to try out the market and learn from before the MILC version comes out. But I think, there is room for the RX1 series to grow without competing adversely with the 35FF MILC (be that a NEX or something else). That is possible if the future RX1 becomes zooms.

There is a another possibility.  A bit remote and not in character, but a possibility. At the expense of a larger lens, or an adapter, the next RX1 can be a MILC.

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