Does the LCD allow magnification for optimizing manual focus?

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Re: Does the LCD allow magnification for optimizing manual focus?

NancyP wrote:

Scott Greiff wrote:

NancyP wrote:

Marek L wrote:

On DP2M for manual focus you've got 10x magnification function on LCD

Fabulous! Now if the camera would have an actual remote control option, instead of "wait 10 sec" and hope the vibration damps down, it would be truly "convenient" for monopod/tripod use.

Vibrations? Well, the DP Merrills have a leaf shutter, with no mirror box, so I imagine there's very little if any vibration you could hope to wait 10 seconds for to abate.

The vibrations that I am worried about are those incurred by pressing the shutter button and thereby imparting some kinetic energy to the tripod.

I've gotten tack sharp images even handheld, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.  Well, that's unless you're doing some long-exposure work.

Enjoy the camera however you choose to use it!


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