Best Telephoto Lens (100mm+)

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Re: Best Telephoto Lens (100mm+)

Kevdog wrote:

I briefly had the 45-175X, but my copy had the "double blur" problem at certain focal lengths.  If you're careful of shutter speed, you'll often be outside the problem range of 1/60th to 1/200th sec.

Hopefully the new 40-150 has the quality of the 45-175X, but without the blur problem.


yes, this is something to keep in consideration. In any case, the "blur" problem is not related to the lens alone, is induced by the shutter shock of the camera. There are some camera/lens combination that are more prone to the issue than others for sure, but the problem is general. If you look in the net there are a lot of test of different camera/lens combinations.

Unlucky it seems that the two X zooms are not the best performers here, specially when matched with the GX1 for example, but the issue is more general. The E-M5 is one of the best performer and has a shock delay feature too. The recent G5/GH3 have an electronic shutter option that, within some limits, can help to avoid the problem.

The final solution will be a camera with global electronic shutter, and then all the lenses will not more show the nasty "double blur".


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