XPro1 erratic focus?

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Re: XPro1 erratic focus?

km25 wrote:

Firmware 2.0 up grade and remember to up grade your lens. This not this camera strong suite. DSLR/SLR are much better at atuofocusing. I have the 60mm and find it much improved with the 2.0 firmware. I have used many AF cameras, mostly DSLR/SLRs, they too will miss focus and go-a-hunting. But again firware 2.0, it will make a big difference.

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You dont even have to go to a DSLR to see real autofocus.  By anyone's account the Olympus mirrorless cameras have awesome autofocus.  That's contrast detect focusing too.  The only difference is that Olympus knows how to make a system that works.

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