DNG the RAW answer

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Re: DNG the RAW answer

Interesting discussion, but there are many raw converters out there and if you are happy with NX2 or Dx0 then that is the best one for your needs. For those photographers who use photoshop in their workflow there are definite benefits to using DNG, of which has been discussed and documented quite extensively.

But some thoughts for discussion:

- some software vendors discontinue product lines. Is your product (NX2 or ACR) going to be supported in the long run

- many university, college and various arts programs heavily promote Lightroom and Photoshop. Is there a future for other converters?

- I don't know any working pros that use NX2, they use only Lightroom, Photoshop, NIK and a few specialized tools. Does this usage vary by country and vendor support?

Please keep the discussion civilized and respect every bodies viewpoints.

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