EVF worth the money

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Re: EVF worth the money

offtraildog wrote:

For me, the decision was budget.  I got my 5N in April so I paid 699.  I spent a lot less getting the EVF versus a 6.

I am saving up for the Zeiss 24 and would rather have that lens then the 6 with a power zoom lenses because I would still want to buy the zeiss

The Zeiss is absolutely worth saving up for, you'll love it.  I have the 18-55, 16mm, 30mm sigma, 50mm 1.8, 55-210mm and honestly 99% of the time I leave the Zeiss on the 5n.  Has faster AF than all the other lenses and better image quality and build.

That said, don't be surprised to want the EVF down the road.  It does make shooting in daylight much easier.  The EVF is awkward for storing in a bag when attached to the camera, but I like that I can use my right eye (unlike the NEX 6 & 7 which you must use your left eye) and take it off for night shooting when I don't need it.

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