Recording time/overheating: Sony has done NOTHING to fix this problem on the NEX-5R

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Re: Apologists hurt the system.

Just Having Fun wrote:

The more people complain the more likely things get fixed.  Sony doesn't want bad press or a bad reputation.

The more fans apologize and claim these are not issues, the less like likely we will see anything change.

We complained loudly about this with the SLTs, and Sony switched to electronic IS and made some bodies bigger to let the sensor vent.  My A57 is much better than my old A55 for video.  Other mirrorless cameras can video for over 60 minutes without this issue.  If Sony fixes it, we all benefit and are all happy.

Glad you enjoy your purcahse but Sony is perfectly capable of making improvements without complainers. Nobody whined for an iphone before it came out and it was revolutionary. Nobody whined for a NEX when it was unveiled two years ago and it was a success. Inventors use their imaginations to invent, not listen to every whiner thank very much.

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