A simple poll......24MP or 36MP...

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kayone wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

You can put it in quotes if you like, since you obviously don't believe it.  Nonetheless, the costs of storing a 36 MP file today are lower than they were to store a 12 MP file when the D700 came out.  You may consider that a "very tired defense," but I consider the complaint about 36 MP files costing too much to store to be ridiculous, especially considering that you will "choke up" a $120 2 TB HD with a mere 50,000 40 MB files (that's full resolution, 14 bits, with lossless compression).  The difference in price to store a 24 MP and a 36 MP file (times two for a back-up) works out to $.0016, and if that's a deal breaker for you than maybe you should give up photography because practically every other thing we spend money on costs more, or you could just shoot 33% fewer photos because anyone that is stressing over fractions of a penny per shot is either taking way too many shots or not getting paid enough to take them.

And furthermore, if you're going to condemn one's desire to have not-insanely high MP resolution files to constantly work with in a full frame field of view, then condemn us all EQUALLY.

That includes: Lief Goodwin, Jan3x5, Photo Pete, jgb, tundracamper, bocajrs, Leo Zoom, and others who feel the same way.  I expect you to be fair and tell us ALL to abandon photography because of our 'stupid beliefs'.

Resolution is the last of photographic qualities to be considered as important (DR being the first by far)... The people that all they can argue about is mpx count are mindless that never cared about photography as an art or respect it...

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