Macro in operating room

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Re: Macro in operating room

cedwards32582 wrote:

Hi there, so i just got a nex 5n with the 18-55 kit, but I want to be able to take nice macro shots while in the operating room (for surgery), I have read that the nex macro 30 makes you be too close, and need to stay further away for sterility purposes....  I was wondering what your rec would be to get very nice close up macro type shots while being able to be 1.5-2 feet away or so, I'd like to minimize the use of adapters to keep the camera somewhat compact if possible, and really don't want to spend 200-300$ on those sony LAE1/2's.  I think I am looking for a sony nex macro 60 or something like that perhaps?.  Manual focus is fine, but image stabilzation is preferable, and Id like to somehow keep the autoexposure/shutter speed/iso settings (im not the best photographer) etc so the camera/lens can do most of that work for me thats the best.  Any setup that could also be used for recreation like taking pictures of flowers/bugs, etc is also a plus.  Im also wondering if I can accomplish this with one of those macro adaptors (which I still really dont fully understand) on a sony nex 50mm for example? Can this be accomplished for $300 or so? Any recs? thanks so much, you all are the best.

30mm macro is the only native option. To get the further back you would need a 100mm, 150mm to 180mm macro lens, 100mm lenses are pretty common, these will all require an adapter of some sort. The other option is to use a close-up lens on the front of the normal lens. I have not used these in a long time but the description of one on B&H indicates the working distance is pretty close. Old Minolta MD 100mm macro lenses run about $100, plus an adaptor. Similar old lenses from Canon (FD) and Nikon are also around. A new Sony macro with the LA-EA1 would also work, but you are still manual focus and the new lens runs $800, some third party lenses are a bit cheaper.

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