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kayone wrote:

Tony Beach wrote

You can put it in quotes if you like, since you obviously don't believe it.  Nonetheless, the costs of storing a 36 MP file today are lower than they were to store a 12 MP file when the D700 came out.  You may consider that a "very tired defense," but I consider the complaint about 36 MP files costing too much to store to be ridiculous, especially considering that you will "choke up" a $120 2 TB HD with a mere 50,000 40 MB files (that's full resolution, 14 bits, with lossless compression).  The difference in price to store a 24 MP and a 36 MP file (times two for a back-up) works out to $.0016, and if that's a deal breaker for you than maybe you should give up photography because practically every other thing we spend money on costs more, or you could just shoot 33% fewer photos because anyone that is stressing over fractions of a penny per shot is either taking way too many shots or not getting paid enough to take them.

Yes you're exactly right, I should 'give up photography' for exactly the reasons you gave and I should listen to you even though you don't know me and I don't know you.  Wow, can you be more condescending or insulting?

These are simple facts, and if you are going state that 36 MP files "choke up" your storage space, then it's only fair to quantify just what that means.  If you are insulted by that, then just keep your trap shut when you want to say someone is offering a "very tired defense."

Also, you describe 36 MP as "excessive," and we should quantify that too.  Is a lens that resolves 20% more than another lens overkill?  Hardly anyone would argue that, but that's an exact analogy to the argument being offered by the 36 MP naysayers.

Finally, you want to rely on others who agree with you, well that's fine, but it goes both ways.  I'm not going to bother listing all the people who think 36 MP is better than 24 MP for many applications, but I'm willing to bet it's a majority.  24 MP is really something of a compromise between the faster workflow of 16 MP (or even less if that was an option, which is isn't) and 36 MP (or even more, which you no doubt will whine about when the next generation of high pixel density sensors comes out); and as I said before, it doesn't offer very much in terms of savings over 36 MP as regards storage space or CPU capacity.

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