Suggestion in response to the Poll "Voting on forum posts: what do you think?"

Started Oct 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Suggestion in response to the Poll "Voting on forum posts: what do you think?"

Just posting a suggestion in regards to the voting process and the poll posted on the front page, but not sure this is the right forum to do it... Here it goes anyway...

Instead of just having Thumbs Up / Down, making everyone act childish when they don't like something, we should perhaps have a more descriptive rating system, since this is, after all, a technical website.

Perhaps we should use this thread as a collection of suggestions on how to go forward, so I'll start with my own ideas.

My suggestion is a double system of tagging and rating:

A post could be tagged in the following ways (a la Slashdot):

TAGS: Informative / Insightful / Useful / Funny / Refreshing

Informative (for facts), Insightful (for ideas), Useful (for practicality), Funny (for joviality), Refreshing (for originality)

And a post could be rated in the following ways:

RATING: Like / Dislike, Agree / Disagree, ModUp / ModDown

Like / Dislike (for appreciation / emotional response), Agree / Disagree (for agreement / rational response), ModUp/ModDown (for moderation / maintenance)

The TAGS and RATINGS systems would be totally independent. One could TAG and not RATE or vice-versa. TAGS could be used as a way of "classifying" comments, and when one does not feel much personal involvement in a post. RATING could be used as a way of "judging" a comment, and when one feels much more personal about it.

One can Like a comment, but also Disagree. One can ModDown a comment to try and get it removed, while others can ModUp a comment if they feel the modding down is unjustified. One can Like a comment and say it was Useful. One can Disagree but tag it as Funny. One could just say a comment say Insightful, without having to Agree or Not.

Users could also be labelled according to the responses to their posts. Say someone's messages always get tagged with "Funny", that user profile could show the user as "Clown" or "Joker". If a user always clicks "Like" and not much "Dislike", that user could be labelled as "Easy-Going" or "Friendly". One that is always modding people up or down could be labelled as "Vigilante" or "Militia". One that is always Disliking everything could be labelled "Grumpy", etc...

The system could also help forum moderators. Say if someone is always getting modded down, that user could be automatically suspend until further review, etc... If a message gets modded down past a certain level, it could be folded up, or completely removed until further review, etc...

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