A simple poll......24MP or 36MP...

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Tony Beach wrote

You can put it in quotes if you like, since you obviously don't believe it.  Nonetheless, the costs of storing a 36 MP file today are lower than they were to store a 12 MP file when the D700 came out.  You may consider that a "very tired defense," but I consider the complaint about 36 MP files costing too much to store to be ridiculous, especially considering that you will "choke up" a $120 2 TB HD with a mere 50,000 40 MB files (that's full resolution, 14 bits, with lossless compression).  The difference in price to store a 24 MP and a 36 MP file (times two for a back-up) works out to $.0016, and if that's a deal breaker for you than maybe you should give up photography because practically every other thing we spend money on costs more, or you could just shoot 33% fewer photos because anyone that is stressing over fractions of a penny per shot is either taking way too many shots or not getting paid enough to take them.

Yes you're exactly right, I should 'give up photography' for exactly the reasons you gave and I should listen to you even though you don't know me and I don't know you.  Wow, can you be more condescending or insulting?

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