Recording time/overheating: Sony has done NOTHING to fix this problem on the NEX-5R

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Re: To avoid video sensor heat problem: a VG30? (Or maybe a G5 or GH3)?

H. Paul Moon wrote:

Cy Cheze wrote:

If we can send a man to the moon, then ....

Trips to the moon consumed many tons of propellants and emitted huge amounts of heat.  No trip to the moon, or even a drive to the store, can occur without emission of lots of exhaust and heat.  Cameras can be equipped with exhaust jets or heat sinks, but those things entail weight, bulks, or noise that ruins the audio.

A APS-C sensor generates a lot of heat while shooting video, and there is very likely no way to disipate the heat from long or frequent clips that would not require a different form factor or a fan.

The VG30 and maybe even the VG900 may be designed to endure longer shooting, but they are expensive too.

The 5D MIII and Nikon FF models certainly throw off lots of heat too, but maybe the users simply shoot in short clips only.  I've read about use of special refrigeration add-ons for DLSRs used for astronomical time lapse work.

M4/3 cameras have slightly smaller sensors and appear to support longer shooting without heat warnings.  However, I've not seen any 30-minute clips shot at mid-day of Sahara caravans, either.

Bottom line, you'll sooner meet the man in the moon than find a heat-free NEX.  I suspect the NEX and alpha cameras all share a propensity to reach a heat ceiling after shooting long clips, or even rapid succession of short clips, in a warm or hot setting.  The problem is not going to go away, except possibly during winter periods outdoors.  If one cannot live with the problem, or find a workaround, the answers are to:

  1. Shoot at lower bitrates and ISO, reducing heat generation;
  2. drill two ventilation holes in your NEX, and bear with added dust exposure; 
  3. use models with smaller sensors;
  4. save up for dedicated videocams; or
  5. move to Canada, where it's hot only a week or so in July, or the Ross Ice Shelf. 

Letters addressed "Dear Mr. Hirai" won't do any good, since he is already taking mortal heat from losses in the video display business.

A lot of words to blindly defend Sony for failing to reach a solution (though they rely upon defenses like these to their detriment, as the people who prioritize still photography over video shooting for these hybrid camera products continue to fracture the technology development, which is many moons closer than the actual moon).

They won't solve this problem with fairy dust or a lunar mission; just elementary engineering.  Please stop making excuses for them..

If video is a priority, get a camcorder. If a hybrid is a priority, get a dslr. There are many tools out there to get the job done. Use the right tool for the right job. You haven't put out a compelling reason why a person who records video for more than 30 minutes at a time would use a nex, which has fewer controls and video modes and is not ergonomically designed for long video recording. Most people know the compromise between a compact NEX and a dslr By now. For long recording, wouldn't a dslr, either on a tripod or a stabilizer fit the job better? You are looking for a solution for a problem that doesn't exist. Most people would think that the advertising is not too misleading or unreasonable. If you are spending hundreds on a purchase, do you base your research solely on the manufacturers advertisements? It's not like a person going to McDonalds complains that they don't advertise the amount of grease in a hamburger or question the health of one after they buy. Get camcorder/dslr on a tripod for over 30 minutes if recording and you won't regret it.

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