Why no EVF on RX-1 ?

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Re: Why no EVF on RX-1 ?

nevercat wrote:

Keit ll wrote:

nevercat wrote:

Size: would make the camera bigger.

Would it ? Look at NEX 7 compared to the 5N , the size difference is negligble. They have apparently found room for a built in flash which arguably of little use.

I looked at the Nex 7, it is bigger then the Nex 5.

+1.  I have had both (sold the 5n to complement my 7 with the RX100), and I can say that in use there is a noticeable difference in size between the 5n and 7.

choice for the user: Use it without VF use it with an OVF use it with an EVF

In that case why wasn't this rationale used for the NEX 7 or the forthcoming NEX 6 ??

Easy, this is a fixed lens camera, so you can use an OVF and an EVF, so it is not that strange a choice. And given the price their will be not to many of this kind of cameras from Sony. The Nex cameras can use more lenses and zoom, zo an OVF is not as usable as on the RX1. Second you have the choice for the Nex: Nex 5 and Nex 3 series have no EVF and you can buy one for them.

+1.  You took the words out of my mouth.

All seems very logical for me...
It is all about design choices.

+1, although I must say what they are charging for the EVF seems exorbitant, unless it's a huge improvement of the NEX EVF's.  Let's hope Sony is not going the Hasselblad route.


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