1DX DXO Mark Out - Scores Higher than Nikon D4

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Re: 1DX DXO Mark Out - Scores Higher than Nikon D4

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

Johan01 wrote:

Something funny about the difference between robotic gearheads and artists.

On paper specs, slide film is the worst thing in the universe, yet so many landscape film shooter used it after Velvia 50 came out with its inferior DR. It just looks better? Impossible!

I feel the same way with Canon sensors (and some extent glass). It just looks better in the final output, to me. I've read a few professional reviews that kind of scratch their heads and admit the same thing.

It's like testing how good a plate of spaghetti is, by putting a freaking PH meter into it and making conclusions without ever tasting the damn ting... HAR!

I've never bought the "artist" argument.  Why not use a pinhole camera or some finger painting instead?  Obviously at least some level of technology is needed, and at that point there are objective differences of which is better depending on user needs.

You've completely missed my point.

I'm not making the argument that "it's not the gear, it's the photographer, man..."

That's BS to a certain point.

What I am saying is that the tech in Canon's cameras is better at making something pleasing to my artistic eye. When you start breaking artistic tools down into quantitative values, you have to place some subjective influence into how those factors are weighed. I don't think everyone would be able to agree that a pasta sauce with a PH level of 8.1 is the ideal PH taste of pasta sauce. Placing a score based on how close to a sauce can get to 8.1 is assuming that 8.1 is ideal PH for pasta sauce or that PH really even makes a big difference at all to begin with.

I've been to Italy twice in my life and eaten at 4 star restaurants. Their idea of perfect spaghetti pasta is my idea of crap. Totally runny and not that great. I would take chunky Rague over their crap any day.

Ever watch Master Chef? If DXO was Gordon Ramsey, they would force the contestants to avoid plating or mixing their food into a dish. Instead, they would test each individual element, like the pasta without the sauce, with a "taste" metering machine, combine all the scores and then calculate a value on what the completed dish would have tasted like. Without ever tasting the whole thing!

I've seen episodes of MS where Gordon and the other guys are like, "you seriously think strawberry mayonnaise on a chunk of veal is going to taste good?", only to later try the final dish and be amazed at how "crappy" elements can come together to make something great.

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