Powershot Cameras with Conversion Lens

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Re: Powershot Cameras with Conversion Lens

James Banned wrote:

Aside from the good old Canon Powershot A700 which cameras in the powershot series that supports conversion lenses?

Allmost all of them, as long as you don't stick to products manufactured by Canon only. For most of the S-series there are clip-on mounts for conversion lenses (bulky, but better than nothing), most of the Powershot G series can mount a conversion lens through a suitable lens adapter. Lens adapters also exist for many A-series models, check websites like Raynox or just the cheap chinese ones that you can find on Ebay etc.

Be careful with adapters that fix something to the front lens (instead of the camera body); those are only for mounting filters or maybe a macro adapter, not for tele/wide conversion lenses.

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