Considering NEX-5n... What Accessories/Lens Should I Get With It?

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Re: Considering NEX-5n... What Accessories/Lens Should I Get With It?

DoctorJerry wrote:

Let me suggest a different approach that is close to the cost you are thinking of spending, at least over time. The 5N is $478 but with the standard kit lens. Add to that the cost of the EVF and now you are at about $800. The NEX 6 is $1000 and has well over $200 worth of built in features. The 16-50 power zoom that comes with the 6 is certainly worth that extra $200.

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I had the NEX 7 and after 3 months or so I sold it. Prior to buying it I had the NEX 3, then bought the 5N and when the 7 came out bought that. I found the 16MP sensor on the 5N to meet my needs far better than the 7. Now along comes the NEX 6 with that 16MP sensor and some other very nice features NOT found on the 5N. I am hoping that the phase detection AF will work, but even if it is less than hoped for, I never found the 5N to be sluggish. I am seriously weighing getting taht 6 myself but want to see more users comments before I jump in.


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Hmm... thanks.

The lack of EVF has made me hesitant to buying the 5n because even though I'm just starting out now, I may want that option down the road.  I really wasn't trying to go too far out of the 500 to 700 dollar range on this, and while the 6 looks like a clear upgrade to the 5n, I can't wait for it to come out... I'll be on my honeymoon next week and I literally only have an old Cybershot and an EVOLTE to take pics right now.

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