GXR. M-Mount. The final way with manual lenses? Should I stay or should I go...

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Re: GXR. M-Mount. The final way with manual lenses? Should I stay or should I go...

Godfrey wrote:

Why constrain yourself with "cheap"? You're used to APS-C already, go with an M8.2 and enjoy it. Prices in the $2500-3000 category, instead of the $4000-6000 category. I'd even advocate saving up for a time and buying an M9 or new M rather than dallying about with a bunch of other cameras that you are likely not going to be so satisfied with.

To be honest, I'll never ever get an M8 or 8.2. It has way too many problems such as very bad noise performance (normally it's good enough for me quite quickly, but the M8.x is just too bad), the screen that can't be replaced anymore if it fails, and the IR-problem.

I will much rather go for a second hand M9, or an M-E.

You could also go out and get a film body at a very approachable price...

I never touched a film camera after my uncle unexpectedly died in 1989, at the age of only 54.

This might sound very stupid, but if it wasn't for digital, I wouldn't have even restarted photography in 2004, after a 15 year hiatus. While I like to do many things the old way such as using manual lenses, using manual exposure settings, trying to get the very best picture out of the camera to limit post processing time, and that sort of stuff (I did it before, and was just 6-10 years old at that time), I'm still very much a child of the digital age.

My uncle had his own dark room, and didn't mind me shooting a or two when I was over there or went with him on landscape photography, on his expense, as he shot two a day at least. My costs were therefore zero (with regard to both film and camera's, as I got to use some of his less expensive backup stuff), and my development cost and time were basically zero and instant; often even the same day. Now things are different. The costs for film and development are too high, post processing is mostly out of my control, and speed is too low.

I'll probably never touch a film camera ever again.

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