Images from France - Nikon P7100

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Re: Images from France - Nikon P7100

RussellG wrote:

toomanycanons wrote:

I just went through the above tutorial on LR4 and it was very good. I definitely learned a few new tricks. Thanks for sharing this with us! BTW, your P7700 images look great.

Glad you liked that tutorial.  Check out all Kost's stuff, she's a freakin' Photoshop/Lightroom guru and very pleasant to listen to.  Some tutorials by others I just can't listen to, hers I can't get enough of.  Wish I could get her to sit next to me at my desk and explain how to do stuff!

And you're confusing me with someone who owns a P7700.  I shoot with a D5100.

Yes I was, sorry. But I bet your D5100 shots are good too! I was seriously considering a D5100 when they were on sale. Reviews are good. Are you happy with yours?

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Yes, I love my D5100.  Great in low light, lightweight, does everything I need in a DSLR.  Get the 18-105 VR and you're good to go.  I'm thinking of getting a P7100 (just to have one and because it shares the same battery so I instantly would have a spare) but I've said this before, if I see a scene that I want to shoot, I'll do it with my DSLR.  I'm not a snapshot shooter and the "lugging around" of the D5100 is basically a non-issue.

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