A Nikon image with SD9 "Foveon Blue" added

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A Nikon image with SD9 "Foveon Blue" added

Here's a RAW sky shot from the trusty D50:

A picture is worth a thousand words . . .

At left is the NEF file processed in ACR 5.4 with all sliders zero and "Camera Neutral" profile selected. At right, the same file but with my hand-crafted "SD9Blue" profile selected. Images were placed side-by-side in PSE6 and screen captured, then cropped.

I didn't put much effort into the "SD9Blue" profile, it's more a proof of concept and could certainly be more accurate. Not sure where the SD9Blue contrast went either, probably finger-trouble but, anyway, I'm only discussing "the blue" here.

The method to produce the camera profile, as I've said elsewhere, is to convert the RAW file to DNG then open the DNG in Adobe's Profile Editor where you can mess with 18 or more HSL sliders to your heart's content. In particular, you can fiddle with the blue without introducing a huge color cast everywhere else. (the output from the Editor is only a camera profile - the DNG file is not changed at all).

Once you have created the profile (file type .dcp) you can use it on any camera, AFAIK, provided you store it in ACR's profile folder for that camera. I haven't tried putting it in their Generic folder yet.

(One thing in ACR 5.4/PSE6 that's really irritating is that it won't show any profile options for SD10 X3F files other than just "embedded". I have to convert X3F to DNG and then the options show. Later versions or CS or LR might do better.)

Far too much trouble for me, but at least there is a route here for folks to create their own profiles and raise a finger (or two) to the mighty Adobe-does-your-thinking-for-you Entity.

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