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Wonderful Book / Re: The Complete Guide RX-100

I just dowloaded this book to my ipad yesterday. It's $21 and can be used on any number of devices for the one fee.

I have never read anything by this author before. He states in the book that it is more aimed toward advanced users and is more of a reference manual than his prior books.

He takes the time to tell you what his preferred settings are and includes pictures to illustrate how certain settings result in higher image quality than other settigs.

For example he gives you side-by-sides of the pixel-level type results of the five or so different low-light options you have, and expreses his clear winners.

He suggests how to set up the camera, and explains why.

For example he shows you how to set up with assisted focusing with color peaking to show what's in focus--I was really impressed at this.

There are options and complications for this camera that just blind-side me. The permutations and options seem nearly infinite, but he tells you his preferences with great explanations and insights. He has taken the trouble to learn the camera inside-out and figure out what works best, and is obvioulsy an expert photographer.

The recommendations are extremely sound and well-informed and the explanations are beautifully done, with light-hearted humor. The writing is detailed and highly informative but easy to digest.

For me with 20/20 hindsight the book is a "must have" to go along with the camera. I cannot imagine a better manual for the camera, with the addition of extremely valuable empirical results, pracitical insights and editorial opinions.

Like the camera, I give the book a "Gold" award.  ; )

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