Government Lies to the Public Won’t Protect Mistakes

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Re: Government Lies to the Public Won’t Protect Mistakes

vadimraskin wrote:

Dick Thomas wrote:

vadimraskin wrote:

According to what I heard today, the embassy was two security guards short.

That would be two guards short of an arbitrary number determined by some bureaucrat sitting in an office in Washington.  The people on the ground constantly asked for MORE security.  The requests were denied. They were eventually told to stop making any more requests.  Here's a link to a video recording of the testimony on that issue.

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Dick Thomas
Kalamazoo, MI

Maybe $100M in funds cut by House Republicans from the State Department budget would have paid for the added security? It is always about the money at the end, isn't it? Let's cut MORE funds from the Govermnent and then blame it for every problem in the world, ah, Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan? CUT SPENDINGS!!!!

Nope, Obama has money to spend to buy Chevy Volts for the Embassy in Vienna but could not reinforced security in Libya

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