New DLO + DPP + 40mm STM + 5DMKII/III is pixel peeping great!

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Workflow DLO tips + a really great 100% crop sample

I usually just apply DLO (its not a setting that needs memorization of tons of settings...its *one* value setting) and export jpegs and then drop the DLO optimization to save disk space.  This can actually be done as a batch operation (the application of DLO optimization to multiple images and the removal of DLO optimization).

First of all I really need more experience with DPP/DLO still...I'm still *heavily* favored towards using LR4 in familiarity.  That said once getting a feel with DLO usage I've tweaked the settings to be far more favorable.  I've decided that any DLO optimized pictures for the most part need *zero* USM sharpening at that point (in LR4 I've always applied even less than default sharpening)...Personally these 100% crops show the 40mm pancake + DLO is bloody sharp and just a fantastic lens!

This left crop of the previously posted image really shows A LOT of differences which I'll point out to fellow pixel peepers.

First bike racks in the back have green fringing entirely removed.  High contrast elements in front like the shoes of the person on the right or black jacket against bright reflections has purple fringing significantly reduced.  The wet curb with slight water run-off has color moire issues that are totally really increases fidelity here.  Color moire on white zipper line on black jacket removed.  Looking at the street, pavement, curbs, the shadows on the LR4 version are actually pulled more compared to the DPP version but the DPP version is both more contrasty, more detailed, less noisy (a lot of red color noise in LR4), and less artificial to my eyes.  I actually dial in some increased clarity and vibrance on LR4 (again I do not handicap either software and try to use whatever easy tools I have to taste), and I tried fiddling with contrast and shadows, etc and there was little I can do in LR4 to create a rendition as contrasty, detailed, and lacking of optical aberrations as the DLO/DPP versions especially in regards to the rendering of the street under shadows.  Pixel peep the curb for yourself!  People tend to make a big deal about how Canon sensors pull shadows poorly in my eyes in these samples Canon DPP/DLO does not *need* to pull the shadows for more just looks plain better as it is and not by a minor amount in 100% crop (i.e. no tweaking except DLO + standard profile + no sharpening).  By hiking up the contrast and adjusting tone I can try to get the street to look like a poor facsimile of the DPP optimized version at the cost of getting the rest of the picture out of whack and in the end LR4 here is still far less detailed and far more noisy with magenta splotching.

Regardless however LR4 is still a go-to software for my 85mm 1.8 and 50mm 1.8 which are not profiled, but I do have to say I'd love Canon to release new cheap portrait primes that can be DLO profiled.

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