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Tom Schum
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Re: SD1M VS DP2M and DP1M

I agree the lenses are the main limitation for the SD1/SD1M or any SD, at least for my SD1 and SD15.

The other big limitation is focus accuracy.  I think we will see much better performance from all SA-mount lenses when a Sigma DSLR having sensor-based focusing becomes available, if ever.   With the DPxM series, one would seldom wonder about whether or not the lens is adequately focused, I imagine.

I think the 85mm F1.4 does well on my SD1 when properly focused.  To get good focus I have to focus-bracket then pick the best shot later.  I also think the SD1 display is too coarse to really see the subtle limits; looks like the in-camera viewable image is not full-res.

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