Anyone else with DP2M Front Focus?

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Re: Anyone else with DP2M Front Focus?

carauction wrote:

approach wrote:

Bill, Johan, Mike, Roland: Thank you--I appreciate your useful comments.

My original tests were a couple of OOC JPEGs.. deleted, lost, whatever, so I thought "these nice people have replied to my question--I will re-do my test shots and post them."

So... I shot raw at 4 feet with the LensAlign: can't see a problem. Hmmm.

Next, shoot raw at 2.5 feet (LensAlign minimum distance). Focus looks very nearly perfect. WTF?

Here's what I'm seeing:

If you're still interested after this debacle, please check out the files and post your impressions.

I have no explanation for the discrepancy here, except perhaps some undefined incompetence on my part.

On the bright side, my DP2M won't be going to the camera hospital

thanks all,


Sorry Adam, files are zipped close!

Can't explain that  jpegs focus is inaccurate vs. Raw. I will say that when I use my lens align, I need to find repetition of that test in real world shooting. Or like I posted an image, a different test sample. Also, and I am certain you have found this, evaluating the Lens Align ruler can be very tricky. Another reason to confirm your results with a second type of test.

Interesting per Kendall "Do you have the focus points set to the smallest possible values". Is there a menu adjustment in the DP2M for focus point size?


yes you can adjust focus point size

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