Can you imagine not being to sell your old Sony camera?

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Re: Can you imagine not being to sell your old Sony camera?

Interesting, but in the nature of more yellow journalism from the Rupert-Murdock-era Wall Street Journal.

First, the real culprit here is John W. Wiley, which exported the printing of text books overseas, probably to Thailand, and then bilked American students by not passing on the savings, and exploiting their "captured audience" status. The American public should be outraged that this is happening and that the perpetrator, caught in the act, has sued to stick it to American students.

Second, the case really does seem to me to be quite considerably more limited in scope than has been reported, with information coming entirely from a directly interested party.

Third, the impact does seem in any case to be limited to products not only made in other countries, but also first sold in other countries, and then resold in the US, and priced to undersell the manufacturer's own"first  sale" of its products in the US. Thus, products sold in the US by Sony USA would not seem to be affected by this case.

Fourth, should this cause succeed, I am certain the any Congress and any President will cooperate to severely limit the impact.

I don't think we have much at all to worry about here.

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