Image of dust/oil on my new D600 sensor. Is this acceptable?

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Re: Image of dust/oil on my new D600 sensor. Is this acceptable?

So, have not had the opportunity to really put it through its paces yet, but was able to get some sky shots off to test it a bit.  So far looking much better, there is a spot or two visible at f22, but nowhere near the amount of spotting that was visible with the one I returned.

I do plan on giving it a blow from a cleaning bulb to see if the few minimally visible spots come off, but would not return it based on what I am seeing now.  Basically, I don't generally shoot at f22 much and I doubt I can't really notice anything at f14 or lower with the new camera. On my previous model, lots of spots were clearly visible (right out of the box) at f6.3 so a much bigger issue, at f22 on the one I exchanged it looked like a spot garden, not so with the new one.

I will also go out tomorrow or the next day and shoot more extensively and see if the issue becomes worse as I shoot.

All, in all, still crossing my fingers, but much happier I was able to exchange for this new one.  In case you are wondering, my set up was exactly the same as before, same time mounting the lens and in the same environment/room.

And Again, really impressed with the ease I was able to deal with this with B&H photo in NY, they handled it better than I ever could have hoped for.

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