I pad or android questions

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Re: I pad or android questions

Bigbob Irwin wrote:

Thanks Seeblue I actually started sycing from Itunes and had 46gig of music so had to recover the ipad. The pictures look stunning on the ipad that I synced across but as you say I am going to investigate other methods of getting pictures on the pad as every time I sync I am overwritting the last album on the pad likely because I am doing something stupid.

Gail thanks for your comment I nearly bought the nexus 7 but was smitten with the IPAD after the guy in the shop demoed the 2 units I was worried probably needlessly about the memory in the nexus so took the expensive option of the IPAD.

Indeed the pic synching pretty much sucks in iTunes. Use third-party apps like Photo Manager Pro (review & tips: http://www.iphonelife.com/blog/87/all-one-photo-viewer-roundup-70-price-drop-best-image-viewer )

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