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Re: Opinions on this?

kelpdiver wrote:

nekrosoft13 wrote:

if you know how to build a PC, you will always end up with better machine if you do it yourself. this way you know the ins and out of your rig.

plus you will end up with better warranty, per each component and longer warranty period on most components.

You can, but are not guaranteed to end up with a better machine.  I build an machine or two every year or two.  Puget Sound sells 6-12 model lines and is constantly building them and getting feedback.  Who is going to do a better job?   And they're a small retailer. I strongly disagree with your conclusion on warranty.  If I spec a new build, I need to order a case, ps, cpu, (optionally) cpu fan, (optionally) gfx, memory, storage.  Odds are that I will be obtaining this from multiple vendors.  And if at the end of the build, it doesn't boot, what do I do?  I need to figure out which part is bad, then see if I can still return it to newegg, or if I have to do a manufacturer RMA.  That will take a few weeks, and would if I didn't determine the right part?

In my case, I know I can do a better job at building and picking components and I fixed/rebuild numerous systems from cyberpower, alienware, falcon in past. if you how to build a system and take your time i can gurantee that you can end up with much better system.

if you are doubting your skills, then buy something build by someone else.

and back to the warranty, again disagree, i guess how you look at it, lets say i build a new system and it doesn't boot. In hour max i can figure out why. for example memory is faulty, i get new memory. send the current one in for RMA, when replacement comes in i sell it.

but i'm never without of pc.

what happens when that shiny new pc from cyberpower breaks, you have to send the whole thing for repair and you might be without pc for 1-2 weeks.

then is the warranty period, with cyberpower you get 1 year on parts what then?

with my components i get, lifetime on memory, lifetime on videocard (evga), 3 years cpu, 5 years psu, 3-5 years on hard drives. 3-5 years on motherboard.

it all depends how you look at it, I know how to work on PCs, i don't doubt my skills.

here are my benefits:

1) never without PCs

2) longer warranty period (don't have to buy extended warranty)

3) i'm in control

4) never had any issues with RMA

5) don't have to relly on anyone

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