Boycotting this forum until demeaning "Consumer" is removed from the title!

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Re: Please don't encourage the crybaby.

Ok, let's try it this way....

From Merriam-Webster:

Consumer (noun)

: one that utilizes economic goods

Economical (adjective)

: marked by careful, efficient, and prudent use of resources

: operating with little waste or at a saving


The $400-$1,000 cameras covered in this forum are "consumer" level cameras, compared to the $2,000, $3,000 and $6,000 "Pro" cameras, not only by price, but also by features. The D300 class cameras are a higher grade build, quality, and feature set. The D800 and D4, well...

Does that mean a D3200 can't be used by a pro? Of course not.

But all cameras have to fall under some sort of label, and the build/features of the D3200 up to the D7000 are similar enough to keep them in the same category.

So your main gripe is that they call it "consumer DX SLR" instead of "consumer level DX SLR" ?


Besides, the main point of this thread is not the category name, but the fact that someone has "left" the forum because he thinks the new name degrades his equipment.


A very puzzling deduction: you elicit all this from a Merriam-Webbster definition? What follows after your 'so..' is a non-sequitur. Virtually all cameras may be considered 'consumer' goods so there is no distinction upon that basis.

'Nikon Consumer DX SLR' is a compound noun and the first noun definition applies. Viz., 'one that utilizes economic goods'; thus there is nothing in what you say. In this sense you may utilize an expensive or inexpensive camera. The technical features of a camera are irrelevant. Avoid reading into the definition what is not stated: e.g., the price, quality etc. of a product. It simply stated that a consumer is 'one who utilizes economic goods'. Nothing more, nothing less.

Quoting you: "So your main gripe is that they call it "consumer DX SLR" instead of "consumer level DX SLR" ?"

Did I say that or are you putting words into my mouth?

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