So I bought a brand-new Sony Alpha A35

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Re: So will I be happy with the Sony Alpha A35?

james2k50 wrote:

I haven't received my camera yet nor have I paid for it. My payment will soon be processed but now this thread has me wondering if I've chosen the right camera... So which one of these SLT's would do pro work if the need arises? How about if I want to sell some photo's, would the output quality be exceptible?

All cameras seem to have some flaws. The photos from the A35, which is an entry level camera, are more than acceptable or I would have sold it. Admittedly, I don't do a lot of photography using a flash.  I wouldn't lose any sleep over your choice.

Originally, I bought the A35 to evaluate if i could live with the electronic viewfinder. I needed to evaluate if I should continue to invest in the Sony system or move to another brand. I had intended to sell it, but the little camera won me over with fast focus speed, image quality, high iso performance, and compact size. My A700 isn't gathering dust but when on the go I tend to grab the A35 first.

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