20D slowly dying

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Re: 20D slowly dying

That doesn't sound entirely right.  The meter is controlled by the main CPU in the camera.  If it were to die, then it wouldn't make any reliable light measurements - even manually.  If it's just the automation going wonky, I'd try pulling the main battery, then pull the button battery and replace that button battery with a fresh one.  It'll remove all of your settings and reset the camera to default.

The button battery is under a little pull-out door in the main battery compartment.   It's not rechargeable and right about at this time it's likely getting low and in need of replacement anyway.  I replaced mine a few weeks ago as a precaution since my 20d is still being used by a family member.

You might also want to look in the lens mount for any obvious grease, shreds of plastic or metal and dust it out with a little camel-hair or paint-brush.  If dust gets on the metering sensor in the base of the lens mount "box" it may block some of the sensors.

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