I'm losing faith in sony. HX20V wheel broken.......

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Re: Not just Sony..

BubbaHotepUK wrote:

It's the luck of the draw.  My Sony TV has been flawless for the last 6 years, and the Playstation 3 has not even hiccuped in the last 5 years (and it gets hammered by kids!).  I bought a VAIO laptop and the disk went caput within the week (though to be fair, Sony collected it, replaced the disk and returned it in under 3 days).

The dial on my HX20v is actually a little too stiff.  I hope with wear it doesn't become too loose.

I think you might be right or they've just gotten sloppy in QC. If you're dial is tight then mine is definitely loose! it almost feels like it's going to fall off.

I rekon the machine that makes these little things isn't very accurate. I read another thread here on dpreview and the poster said his wheel was loose too!

I'm guessing thats not normal because nobody else has been having issues with it..*sigh*

I'm going to call Sony today and see what they say. If they make me pay money to ship the camera to them. I am just going to demand they pay it. because It's not my fault to pay more money to fix a faulty camera.

I'll return it to amazon if the case is going to be Sony makes me take the hit out of my own pocket.

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