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Simon - might this have reduced the 'argument' in this and other 'voting' threads.

It seems that there is approx a 50/50 split between members in favour and against the voting system if the poll is anything to go by. As well as this post, there are various others which all seem to end up in quite heated debate.

I may be wrong, but I suspect that the views held are based on what has already been implemented and appears to be a system where members can simply choose to vote positively or negatively on any post - with no repercussions and completely anonymously without stating any reason for the vote.

It is feared by some that this feature could be misused to 'flame' or 'penalise' posters simply because they have posted comments in post (or even in the past) that the voter does not like - whether the posted comments were factual or not.

I read with interest the following in another post here on the forum

"They also have downvoting, which reduces the recipient's reputation — but the key thing that makes it work is that downvotes also cost the downvoter. You can (and people do) vote down bad information, but there's a cost.

If you don't have enough reputation — a simple representation of credibility built up through good posts — you can't downvote at all. In fact, you have to have a minimal reputation to even vote up (which prevents abuse of the system)."

This approach makes a lot more sense than having a simple 'vote + or - as you like' approach, and would go a long way to preventing the misuse of the voting system for self gratification or benefit.

You replied to the above saying

"this is actually similar to what we're planning "

I can't help but think that had details of the future intentions for the voting system been explained at the time of the launch of the existing uncontrolled simple + or - offering, maybe a lot of the heated debates (which in some instances have resulted in some rather personal and unneccessary comments between members - and some even aimed at DPR staff) might have been curtailed or even avoided completely.

Details of the plans for the system may have been posted somewhere, but I have not seen them if they have. If not, perhaps you could arrange for details to be placed somewhere, and these could be referred to if future posts appear regarding the 'voting system'.

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