Hands-On Sony NEX-6 & 16-50mm OSS images & other E-Mount Lens

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Re: Hands-On Sony NEX-6 & 16-50mm OSS images & other E-Mount Lens

clail wrote:

Hi webgeek, you say you do sell your photos. my question isIsis 16MP enough for family/wedding portraits? I know a pro who is using 5DII and 50/1.2 for her assignments but if I start charging people, is it silly for me to start with a NEX6 with 50/1.8 and 35/1.8? If you have been selling your photos, I'm curious how can you sell off yr Canon gear? Isn't that a stepdown? You might not be able to make a large print that yr client requires.


I do travel and daily-life street photography and sell them as Big Prints & Postcards here in Vietnam. You can find my work in Vietnam under the name "Peter Pham Photography". For what I do, 16 mp is more than enough. However, I like the NEX-7 24mp for easier cropping if I needed to. I am my own customer, so I don't have a need to show-off my equipment. I just buy what I think will do a good job for me, at the same time save me the hassle of carrying heavy camera gears around. I do a lot of streets and daily-life where minimal gears are essential and usually give me great result because I am not a threat to the subjects.

If you do wedding and/or studio or outdoor family shoot for a living and charges people money, then yes a big nice DSLR and big glass will certainly provide your clients peace-of-mind and you can charge them accordingly.

Same here in Vietnam, if I take my NEX-7 setup out and shoot for a living they will laugh at me and I probably will not get any work. Moreso I Vietnam, showing off expensive equipments is necessary to build a brand as well as charge customers a bigger fee.

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