Hands-On Sony NEX-6 & 16-50mm OSS images & other E-Mount Lens

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Re: Hands-On Sony NEX-6 & 16-50mm OSS images & other E-Mount Lens

Emptiness Ensues wrote:

Thanks for the informative responses, webgeek. I have some questions of my own though if you don't mind.

Did you ever use the spot focus area mode? How do you change the position of the AF point in that mode?  Also, can you change the AF size in that mode? I've played with the 5N at a store and I feel that the AF size is a bit small to my liking.


Yes, I shoot in selective spot focus all the time. This is my preferred method of AF because I do a lot of shallow DOF and with selective spot focus I can precisely focus. When in this mode, the square spot focus size/area is fixed. You cannot change this size. Whereas, with the Fujifilm camera, I can change the square size smaller or larger..

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